Poor yields are usually the result of physical damage from pests and disease or evaporation of moisture. However, to prevent further loss and gain a good price for your yield, you would need to sort and grade the remaining produce. Sorting enables the separation of the good yield from the damaged one, while grading separates the ‘selected’ produce into class/grades of produce, depending on the pre-set criteria for each type of produce. These processes were earlier largely carried out manually, and some still do depend on the produce, amount of work involved, and the resources at their disposal. We at Marsh Harrier believe that these important processes need specific and high-quality equipment – to save you money, time, and effort.


This process separates your produce on the basis of shape, weight, size, appearance, and color. It sifts good produce from undesirable materials such as stones, leaves, debris, and also immature or rotten produce. Sorting ensures that only your good quality produce passes forward for further processing/the market.

Our machines/equipment, are ‘intelligent’ and effortlessly sort your precious fruits and vegetables produced by size, color, shape, and weight. We ensure the utmost delicate handling of your products to ensure that you get the highest yield, and therefore a higher ROI.


This is a tedious process and one that requires trained experts and top-line equipment – we at Marsh Harrier are your partners for this (and more). The several characteristics of your fruits and vegetables would be tough to examine and assess without an expert ‘eye’. Before you send your product to market/processing, it is critical that the produce is uniform and high quality – gaining a higher price, improved packaging and handling, all-round improvement in marketing, and most importantly, long term customer trust. Additionally, meticulous graded sorted of fruits and vegetables are easily accepted in the export market.

In Conclusion:

Marsh Harrier equipment ensure that the critical processes of sorting grading are unaffected by shortage of labor, as also the inconsistencies that occur from human error and the huge amount of time that manual processes require. Customer demands and marketing standards are consistently increasing, and hence farmers need appropriate machines to elevate their produce and remove inconsistencies. With the harsh conditions – extreme heat, less or too much rainfall, pests, and other such problems, the Indian farmer needs the assistance of high quality and intelligent machines to help them gain the highest yields and therefore, to earn higher prices, each time and for every round of produce. Connect with us and our experts will be glad to assist you.