Marsh harrier | Simplicity, Ease and Innovation

Manufacturing Need-based solutions for Grading and Sorting of Fruits and Vegetables

We believe in sustainable business practices and ensuring that our end users, the farmers – benefit from these. Our machines eliminate repetitive and onerous tasks, leading to optimized yield, with minimized waste.

Our focus is clear – smart innovations and design interventions, to help farmers deal with issues such as reducing crop harvests, elevated labor costs, and speedy labor attrition. We work with the realm of better managing the sorting and grading of fruits and vegetables. We have turned these manual and repetitive processes into an art and elevated them to near perfection! Farmers are the backbone of our country and it is our endeavor to help them increase their revenue. This is both by way of reducing labor and other input costs and by providing them with innovative yet economical farming solutions.

Keeping innovation, simplicity, and economy in mind, we have a range of user-friendly solutions for the handling, sorting, and grading of fruits and vegetables. Our range of low powered equipment for harvesting and pre-harvesting, machine vision based grading solutions developed in India, serve a large audience base. Further, we also service large industrial pack house automation and advanced grading and sorting. We provide end-to-end service – receiving, dumping, hot water treatment, cleaning, drying, sorting, grading, and packaging of products. The bespoke solutions are designed to fit the specific needs of customers.

To serve farmers with best technology at an affordable price.

We aspire to become industry leader in building post harvest solutions for the country.

Our strategy is simple, we work with a focus to help our clients earn by making their packhouse operations efficient and easy.

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Why Marsh Harrier

Lowered Labour Cost

Saving on labour cost can be crucial while operating a large capacity packhouse.

User friendly

Our solutions are easy and natural to adopt by your packhouse staff.


Our machines are tested with multiple tests by the government agencies who procured the machines for the consistency in grading quality.

Increased yield

our special designs make sure that your fruits are treated gently and there is no wastage.

Low maintenance

Design and assembly of our solutions are made in such a way that machines require minimum maintenance and it can be carried out with limited staff.

Local and extremely reliable customer support

we promise a show up anywhere in the country within 24 hours of raising the service request and moreover being local we understand the need and expectation of our clients.

Better equipment

Build quality of our products is made to last for a very long time meaning higher ROI.