Manufacturing Need-based solutions for Grading & Sorting of Fruits & Vegetables

Marsh Harrier is a top brand for sorting and grading of your fruits and vegetables – we have earned the trust and respect of our clients, not just for the innovative and high quality machines but also for our consistent service.

Why Marsh Harrier

You are making the right choice for:

  • User friendly sorting, grading, and packing efficient solutions
  • Lowered cost of labor
  • Consistent grading through relentless and meaningful innovation
  • Low maintenance
  • Local and extremely reliable customer support
  • Better equipment means a longer lifespan
  • Increased yield given lowered wastage

Our focus is clear

Smart and User Friendly Machines

Smart innovations and design interventions, to help farmers deal with issues such as reducing crop harvests, elevated labor costs, and speedy labor attrition. We work with the realm of better managing the sorting and grading of fruits and vegetables. We have turned these manual and repetitive processes into art and elevated them to near perfection! Farmers are the backbone of our country and it is our endeavor to help them increase their revenue. This is both by way of reducing labor and other input costs and by providing them with innovative yet economical farming solutions.

Grading and Sorting Solutions

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Simplicity, Ease, and Innovation

Our machines eliminate repetitive and onerous tasks, leading to optimized yield, with minimized waste.


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