Our Technology

The experts at Sickle Innovations conceived Marsh Harrier. These experts are backed by years of experience and educated at a premier institute – IISc, Bangalore, and also include a scientist from ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). The goal was and is simple – developing top-line technologies that would be suitable for Indian farming conditions.

The uniqueness of Marsh Harrier products is that they are manufactured to address the root problems and find solutions, rather than force fitting a pre-existing solution. This bottom up approach is the USP of Marsh Harrier equipment that is manufactured within our premises. The state of the art optical grading sorting system analyzes images using focused algorithms, which look for and sort fruits and vegetables according to defects in size, shape, color, and external quality. Further, optical grading sorting also enables the exploration of the internal quality (BRIX) of fruits and vegetables.

We are making quick strides in the realm of agricultural science, while ensuring that your produce is treated with the utmost gentleness and care. Analysis of digital images and the processing technology for these images ensure that data is easily quantified and processed. Our aim is to ensure maximized yield and optimal ROI on your investment and effort. Connect with us to know more about our innovations and technology.