Multi Vegetable Grading

Single Machine Sorting of 18 Vegetables and Fruits

Multi Vegetable Grading

At Marsh Harrier,

Super solutions

We believe in providing high-quality service with lesser effort and high speed. Our single line ‘intelligent’ and innovative machine can grade and sort up to 18 varieties of vegetables and fruits. Multiple produce can be easily processed, faster and more efficiently, hence providing a higher yield and a consistently high ROI. Our single-line machine can sort Tomato, Cucumber, Brinjal (Eggplant), Capsicum, Onion, Garlic, and many more.

Technology used

Our sorting equipment is easily able to determine and separate produce on the basis of husks, disease, discolorations, stems, stalks and knuckles, and other such unwanted material. It can also remove all extraneous vegetable material, foreign extraneous vegetable material, insects, mice, wood, frogs, plastic, glass, and other types of trash. This machine is also able to detect natural characteristics, defects, variations of shape, size, color and structural integrity, and any differences in density of the produce of vegetables.

Simplicity, Ease, and Innovation

Our machines eliminate repetitive and onerous tasks, leading to optimized yield, with minimized waste.


Elevated Quality Control

With precision discarding of foreign materials and objects, product integrity is assured along with intelligent sorting, leading to increase in yield, higher profits, successful business, and most importantly delighted customers.

Consistently High Efficiency

The information from the sorting machine is leveraged by recording and analyzing product features. This in turn helps to improve both upstream and downstream production equipment.

Innovative and Efficient Sorting

The automated machine and top line technology ensures high product quality each time. The sorting and grading ‘intelligence’ ensures that foreign objects are removed quicker with highly efficient separation of vegetables and fruits based on color, structure, size, and shape. Our products ensure that customers get the best system for their delicate and beautiful produce.

Single Line Machine

This single line machine helps you in all sort of sorting and grading activites and overall significantly boosts your competitive edge. Major benefits are as follows

  • Enhances efficiency and performance
  • Increases yield
  • Optimizes Productivity

We at Marsh Harrier are constantly innovating through interactions with our customers, which gives us insights into their expectations of reliability, consistency, and efficiency. Our experts have the expertise to ensure top performance and service, repeatedly