We at Marsh Harrier are committed to offering innovative and ‘smart’ solutions for sorting your precious produce of all kinds. This includes frozen, fresh, and dried strawberries.

Our sorting machine is able to identify and discard strawberries that do not meet the high standards of your customers. Rotten, discolored, unripe, mold formed, or any other type of deficiency are easily ‘identified’ by our machines, coupled with the ability to remove undesirable material, leaves and stems. Such meticulous sorting increases yield, and elevates the commercial value of your delicate produce of strawberries.

The technology with which the machine operates enables the automated grading of strawberries according to shape, size, and color. This system can use one or two, all three characteristics in order to place the strawberries into three or four different grades.

Why Choose Us

Typical grading parameters are size and color but recently smart buyers have demanded for BRIX based grading of strawberry as well.

We recommend minimum 3 grades for the strawberry.

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