The Apple is a beautiful and delicate fruit. Given the texture and fragility of this fruit, it bruises easily – unprofessional and rough handling can damage the produce, leaving it unusable or instantly bringing down its sale price. There the sorting and grading of this fruit must be managed with care which is why your delicate produce needs the care and top quality of Marsh Harrier grading machines.
We guarantee a flawless ‘singulation’ process for your apple produce – a process designed to prevent overloading on a single carrier but with maximized line filling. Our versatile tools and technology organise the process, ensuring respect to the produce. Our solutions are perfectly suited to the needs of this delicate fruit, whether they are packed in one or two tier bushels, in punnets or baskets or bags.
The ability to support you to create maximum efficiency and yield makes Marsh Harrier products unique. Our solutions are ‘smart’ – able to select the produce according to shelf life, such that it reaches fresh even the most distant but profitable markets. We are dedicated offer top results through professionalism, organization, and innovativeness. Our experts listen attentively to our customers such that we deliver more than what we promise.

Why Choose Us

Apples are graded by color, size, weight, and external quality. We grade and sort this produce based on production capacity and type of packaging. Advanced grading based on BRIX can also be done for apples.

We recommend minimum 9 grades for the apples which are used in Indian farming and trading practices.

Crate dumper, Washing, Brushing (Nylon & Horse-hair), Sponge drying, Cold air drying, Grading and Packing.

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