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Accuracy in the process and quality of fruit selection, translates to optimized yield and hence a profitable business!

At Marsh Harrier we use machines for sorting and grading that ensure selection of
Kinnow/Orange based on the necessary and unwanted characteristics. Sorting of Kinnow/Orange is based on the accurate classification and selection, of both internal and external quality standards.

These include:

  • Size, color, and shape
  • External or peel defects
  • Internal or flesh defects and damage
  • External and internal prized characteristics
Marsh Harrier machines accurately classify the varying qualities of each of the Kinnow/Oranges, such that the varied prized characteristics of every variety and type are sorting accurately. Our high performance solutions ensure care and delicate handling of all varieties of Kinnows/Oranges.
A traceability system can be added to our equipment/systems, aligned with the software to manage packing – enabling the tracing of the produce from the stages of feeding to packing, and from labeling to transportation to market. Such tracing ensures transparency and you know exactly where your produce is at – ensuring peace of mind and the elevation of your business.
With Marsh Harrier as your partner, you would be able to exceed the needs of your customers, with ease and consistency. We have a highly qualified team managing the entire process, using high quality technology and machines. Our customers trust us for efficiency, uniqueness, innovation, and most importantly to care for their produce.
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Our machines automatically sort and select Kinnow/Oranges based on their qualities, ensuring cost savings, reliability and efficiency. Respecting your produce of Kinnow/Oranges is all about respecting you and the reputation of your business. We know exactly how to treat your precious produce! High quality and delicate handling mark every stage of processing. Our machines are capable of processing the Kinnow/Oranges produce – including natural or organic fruit, and those with or without leaves – adding to their attractive quotient for customers.