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We at Marsh Harrier are committed to caring for the produce and to preserve their quality. This is why our grading and sorting process for mangoes is delicate yet thorough. Our machines are designed to fit the elongated shape of ‘the king of fruits’, while also ensuring that there is no overloading but maximized line filling. The mango grading and sorting machine is guaranteed for perfect singulation, leading to optimized production.

Mangoes are sorted by weight, size, color, and external quality. Mangoes can be graded and sorted basis production capacity and type of packaging, using either central discharge or lateral discharge.
The grading parameters include lines, number, types of discharge, weight, diameter, color, and external quality. The machines we use at Marsh Harrier provide accurate diametric sorting, given that the grading size is adjusted easily and is complemented by ergonomically designed handles. Each part that comes in contact with the produce is food grade and robust.


At Marsh Harrier, we have the technology, which is top line and enables automatic box or bin dumping or even manually ‘feeding’ of the mangoes. Whichever in-feed system you choose, we guarantee delicate handling and standardized flow of the mangoes to the grading system.


We understand the importance of not just external quality, but internal as well. Internal quality such as taste, no defects, and texture are equally essential to ensure that customers receive top quality produce.


The machine we use has a shape that ensures smooth transfer of the mangoes onto the carrier and further into the process. The robust design ensures perfectly alignment, accurate weight measurement, and more.
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Our machine ‘recognizes’ a variety parameters, and ensures that every single piece has optimized quality. The machine detects skin damage, optimum shape, size, and color parameters too. Our Acoustic Firmness Sensor (AFS) measures the firmness and elasticity properties of your product across the surface of the avocado, guaranteeing a global result instead of a local result. The sensors also measure firmness of the produce.